Why Become a Member?

Do you want to get ahead of the competition?

Become a Sirius retail member and you too can attain a competitive pricing structure, first-rate product portfolio, and aftercare service via the Sirius Buying Group’s comprehensive Preferred Supplier Network. As a Sirius Group member you will receive:-

  • Improved Margin opportunities
  • Access to exclusive trade show’s and conferences
  • Improved opportunities with the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors
  • Exclusive products and promotions
  • Competitive Market Position

With its' lean management structure and its refreshing lack of bureaucracy, it ensures the maximum benefits are passed onto all members. 

A key factor in the continuing success of the Sirius Group has been its close working relationship with its preferred suppliers and the members who all work together for their mutual benefit.

Become a Member

Provide your customers with a great choice of built-in appliances and standalone white goods including refrigerators, ovens and washing machines. 

If you would like become a member, please contact us today on 01395 277 103



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